Beaconstac Is Helping Hotels Open Up New Marketing Opportunities with Beacon Technology

We spend so much of our lives glued to our smartphones and it's opening exciting new marketing opportunities for brands.

One of the latest and more interesting methods for leveraging the power of mobile technology is found in Bluetooth low energy beacons. These devices can activate when a mobile user approaches, delivering information directly to their smartphone. As the name suggests, the technology uses your phone's Bluetooth connection, but in an energy efficient fashion.

"Beacon marketing is a proximity marketing channel used by businesses to interact and engage with consumers at strategic locations," explains beacon technology veteran Beaconstac on its website. "This communication is triggered by a tiny hardware device known as a Bluetooth beacon. These devices transmit location-triggered rich notifications to smartphones nearby."

Naturally, technology providers in this field are always looking for new applications for beacon tech and are constantly striving to bring the concept to new and more diverse industries. Now, Beaconstac is bringing it to the hotel industry to help create new guest experiences for traveling consumers.


The hospitality industry is an incredibly competitive space, with hotel brands all vying for the attention of customers. The advent of travel comparison platforms has made it easier than ever for guests to shop around. Hotel brands must now find new ways of standing out in the maelstrom.

Millennials are not only now dominating the global workforce, but they also make up the largest proportion of business travelers. 38% of millennials travel for work, compared with 23% of GenXers and 8% of baby boomers. Millennials are more likely to gravitate towards technologically-savvy hospitality providers who can offer them unique experiences - especially those that use their smartphones and other tech to connect with them.

The other issue hotel brands regularly face is convincing travelers to stay on hotel grounds instead of venturing out - taking their money with them. In fact, approximately 90% of a guest's vacation time is spent outside the hotel environment. While not surprising, this leaves hotels with only a very small window to earn extra revenue from their guests.

Beacon technology can help by delivering relevant information directly to guests' smartphones, alerting them to events occurring within the hotel grounds, and thereby increasing the chance of keeping them on site where they are more likely to spend money with you rather than others.

Beacon Technology

However, Beaconstac's solution has far more potential than simply promoting revenue opportunities, and the innovative beacon technology can help drive even more exciting guest experiences.

For example, the tech can be deployed at the check-in desk to great effect and make the whole process far more streamlined and convenient for guests - who are often tired and eager to get to their rooms as quickly as possible after a long journey.

The Bluetooth beacons can activate when they detect a guest waiting and invite them to check in via their smartphone. The app can automatically retrieve their reservation details, saving the need for fumbling around for reservation numbers and other paperwork. With beacon technology, there's no need to even collect a room key or talk to a staff member at all.

Bluetooth beacons can also coordinate to geolocate the guest within the hotel and help them find their room. Once they have arrived at the correct door, an iBeacon built into the lock can communicate with a digital keycode sent to the guest's smartphone and automatically grant them access.

Once in the room, the beacon technology can then turn on the lights and activate in-app controls to help the guest navigate their in-room technology. The app can also promote the room service food and drink menu, as well as the entertainment and facilities information most pertinent to the customer based on their profile. What's more, using customers' profile data, preferences such as special dietary requirements can be automatically applied.

At the end of the trip, the beacon technology can work in reverse and help the guest seamlessly navigate the checkout process, without having to hand in any keys or line up at the reception desk. It can even offer special rates or other promotions - for example, if the guest wishes to extend their stay.

Final Thoughts

Beaconstac's technology has great potential to create futuristic guest experiences in the hospitality industry, and the push notifications it generates result in high open rates amongst customers, allowing hotels to promote their onsite facilities more effectively.

"Bluetooth beacons are vastly superior to legacy advertisement channels," said Beaconstac. "Average open rates for standard push notifications are 7.8%. However, targeted and rich beacon notifications have an open rate of 22.5% on an average (open rate for brand app beacon notifications is 30%; open rate for third-party beacon notifications is 15%). Companies are turning away from traditional forms of advertisement and are looking more favorably towards proximity marketing solutions, as a means of sending more relevant and contextual messages to a targeted audience."

Beacon technology is set to be a hot topic at Future Guest Experiences 2019, taking place this September at the Henderson, NV.

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