Future Guest Experience 2020

September 28 - 29, 2020

Las Vegas, NV

Techmetics Launches a Fleet of Service Robots for the US Hotel Industry

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The days of human hotel staff delivering morning papers, fresh towels, drinks, and evening meals to guests' rooms could well be numbered, thanks to the rise of the robot butler.

US establishments are leading the way, and one of the latest additions to the growing number of hotels using robots to service guests is YotelPad Miami, which has turned to Singapore-based Techmetics to bring a new service bot to hotel guests and residents in its mixed-use development.

Following deployments first in Asia then Australia, Techmetics has now introduced two new exclusive products - the Techi Butler and the Techi Cart - to US markets, and YotelPad Miami is one of the first to take advantage. With its proprietary technology, Techmetics has been developing robots and add-on software solutions over the past seven years, and the company says it is now delivering the world's first multi-point delivery robots with a multilevel fleet management system to the US.

"Our Techi service robots are innovative tools companies can use to enhance their productivity and ensure their delivery needs are met in a cost-effective manner," said CEO and founder of Techmetics, Mathan Muthupillai. "We are excited to launch our new products and are confident they will be received enthusiastically by the U.S. market."

The Techi Butler at Your Service

Techmetics describes the Techi Butler as a "room service robot". Somewhat resembling the robot character R2D2 from Star Wars, the Techi Butler was conceived with both the hospitality and healthcare industries in mind and designed to revolutionize the way hotel guests (or hospital patients) receive room service and deliveries.

There are three Techi Butler models available, with options of two or three standard compartments and a payload of up to 132 pounds. The bots can handle up to three room service deliveries in one journey, and come with automatic compartment doors, a 10.1-inch touch screen for user communications, and an integrated elevator management system.

(Image source: techmetics-group.com)

The robots can engage directly with guests through mobile features, which allow them to call or send text messages to customers' smartphones. At YotelPad Miami, there are three Techi Butlers in all - one working on the hotel side, and the other two deployed on the residential side. The service goes by the name of Lulu. Need more towels for the room? Just call Lulu. Hungry for a pizza at 10 pm? No problem - just text Lulu and she'll wheel one right up.

"For both components of the development, the robots will have the same roles: to deliver drinks, snacks, documents, gifts and more," said David Arditi, Principal at Aria Development Group, the developer of YotelPad Miami. "Guests and residents at YotelPad Miami will be able to interact with the robots while they roam freely around the lobby and ask them for directions to the restrooms, lobby, or another particular area of the development. Since these robots can autonomously ride the elevators, guests can also be guided to the amenity areas, etc."

The Techi Butler is programmed to navigate autonomously through multiple floors. At YotelPad Miami, they deliver food, beverages, treats, gifts - pretty much anything that will fit in their compartments. In addition, they can be programmed to speak a variety of languages to better communicate with guests and play digital files with music and voice recordings. While not fulfilling a room service order directly, the bots roam the lobby, engage in conversation, play music, and pass out treats.

For Arditi, the Yotel brand was looking for a tool that not only delivered a technology spectacle but also - and more importantly - a service that enhanced the guest experience.

"Our robot butler is loaded by a staff member and set on its journey to deliver the resident or guest request. It works alongside our staff," said Arditi. "Consumers' tastes are changing in the sense that they are not only looking for amenities that add to their lifestyle but also amenities that make their stay or the process of travel a little easier and convenient."

Final Thoughts

Aside from the Techi Butler, Techmetics has also launched its Techi Cart series in the US. Designed to assist housekeeping departments and kitchens in hotels and hospitals for bulk delivery needs, the series consists of the Techi Linen Cart, Techi Food Cart, and the Techi Payload Cart. These robots autonomously pick up and drop off linens and food carts without any assistance, operate on multiple floors, and facilitate back-of-house services from areas such as laundry rooms, kitchens, and housekeeping departments.

Together - and along with other models, including the Techi Drinks Serve robot and the Techi Concierge, which Techmetics plans to introduce over the coming year - Techmetics is hoping its robots will revolutionize the way hotel service in the US is conducted. YotelPad Miami may be the first establishment to experiment with Techmetics' offerings, but it's highly likely many more will follow suit - especially those that fall under the Yotel brand.

"The Yotel brand is known for implementing useful technology into its hotels around the world," said Arditi. "Whether it is a robot butler like the one found at YotelPad Miami or the luggage arm at Yotel hotel in New York, these tech amenities have one thing in common - they are made to enhance the guest and resident experience, not replace the human aspect."

Guest-facing technology is set to be a hot topic at Future Guest Experience 2019, taking place this September in Henderson, NV.

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