Future Guest Experience 2020

September 28 - 29, 2020

Las Vegas, NV

TrustYou Is Bringing Personalized Guest Communications to the Hospitality Industry

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We live in an age of unprecedented communication, and successful brands are taking advantage of all the options available to help them connect with their audiences.

From social media to messaging platforms, there have never been so many options to communicate. Chances are, right now, your smartphone has at least two or three different messaging apps on it - Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, maybe Snapchat, or a professional platform such as Slack. And, how many different social media tools do you use - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram?

People love communicating using instant messaging and social media, and they want to extend that to their hospitality providers. Guests report significantly higher satisfaction levels when they are able to use social media and messaging to communicate with hotel brands.


Beginning life as a simple feedback platform, TrustYou has since grown into a complete guest communication facilitator, able to handle a wide range of personalized hospitality-relevant functions.

"The majority of today's travelers and especially younger generations (millennials, generation Z), expect personalized experiences and offers. They want to book a hotel that goes the extra mile, one that will care for their needs, expectations, and requests and will tailor the experience in such a way that it will fit them perfectly," writes Laura Badiu for TrustYou. "Personalization comes as a beneficial result of integration between hotel systems. For example, connecting a PMS to another smart tool, such as a direct messaging one, will allow hoteliers to create a detailed customer profile, which can translate into things such as a personalized upsell offer."

TrustYou can get hoteliers ahead of the curve with pre-stay guest surveys. Once completed, they allow the guest experience to be personalized, as hotels can offer things like room upgrades and services tailored to guest preferences. Hospitality brands can use TrustYou to avoid complaints before they occur by establishing detailed and personalized guest profiles - before the vacation has even begun.

TrustYou's innovative solution can mesh seamlessly with a host of established instant messenger platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and more. It is also compatible with more traditional communication formats such as Email and SMS. It also integrates with AI-powered room assistant devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The live messaging feature can send out broadcast communications - contacting all guests with the same message - informing them of emergency situations or special offers and activities which they may be interested in. In addition, template messaging allows hotel staff to quickly respond to any replies which may come back from guests.

"Doma Hotels chose the TrustYou Messaging solution, because it allows them to proactively engage with their guests and send automated and personalized messages to them," said TrustYou in a case study with Doma Hotels. "Doma Hotels set up three different outreach messages for their guests to request pre- or on-site feedback and offer additional services to generate more upsells. Each hotel has an individual inbox to manage all of their guest messages conveniently from one place."

Personalized Service

When issues do arise, the messaging system can assign multiple conversations to individual staff members or teams, which allows problems to be quickly attended to and solutions devised. When the issue has been resolved, all guests who reported it are contacted simultaneously, making sure all invested parties are kept informed, at all times.

Archiving software makes sure that all such conversations are securely kept for posterity, meaning patterns can be spotted and policies and processes adjusted to reduce the chances of the same issues arising time and time again.

Guest accounts can also be linked to their favorite social media platforms, offering further opportunities to reach out and meet them where they are.

"Live chat opens up a completely new opportunity for hotels to speak to travelers and guests before and during their stay," said CEO and Founder of TrustYou, Benjamin Jost. "We can help to turn more website visitors into bookings and enhance customer satisfaction which results in more positive reviews. In many cases, travelers have additional questions, concerns, or requests, and being able to connect with a member of the hotel staff, and getting all the desired information in real time, decreases the chances of browsing other websites and increases direct bookings and thus revenue."

Final Thoughts

More and more guests today are demanding a personalized service from their hotel brands, and it can be difficult to know the best way to meet their expectations. However, innovative messaging and feedback platforms such as TrustYou allow hospitality companies to meet customers where they are and deliver up-to-the-minute and personal communications with ease.

Personalization is set to be a hot topic at Future Guest Experiences 2019, taking place this September at the Henderson, NV.

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